Iceland cod quota nearly finished: attention turns to haddock

Iceland’s national cod quota for this fishing year, which was 130,000 tonnes, is over 90 percent finished with fully two months left. On the other hand, a quarter of the allotted haddock catch remains.

RUV reports that the roll-over allowance from one year to the next has been reduced from 33 percent last year to just 10 percent. This means it is likely a lot of haddock fishing allowances will go unused this year – although a portion of it will likely go into species transfer (to cod or another species).

The Federation of Icelandic Fishing Vessel Owners is hoping the next two months of haddock fishing will be highly productive. The Federation is also pushing for an increase in the newly-lowered roll-over allowance. Thee are signs that the Ministry for Fisheries and Agriculture may agree to the request.

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