Danish care boss sacked after undercover TV sting

A home help boss has been fired in Denmark after a hidden camera documentary uncovered widespread negligence throughout the organisation’s workforce. Several other staff members of the Handvaerkerhaven care centre in northwest Copenhagen were also suspended after the exposé slammed workers for spending their time eating out, shopping or relaxing at home instead of looking after patients.

The documentary was produced by the TV2 News network and broadcast on national television. Using an array of hidden cameras and microphones, the TV2 reporters tailed the Handvaerkerhaven staff for several weeks without their knowledge. In addition to the dismissal of the company’s head, two group managers and another seven staff members were also suspended following the revelations, reports JP.

Ninna Thonsen, head of Copenhagen’s healthcare committee, said the case was extremely unfortunate in a report by Politiken. She added, “We simply cannot accept this sort of thing – whether it concerns the citizens who are directly affected by it, or the large number of home helpers who do their job as they’re supposed to.”

The names of those involved in the sting have not yet been released to the media.

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