Fishing and Facebook in Reykjavik politics

Facebook has closed down Reykjavik mayor Jon Gnarr’s popular diary without explanation. And the city council has decided to give away council members’ own free fishing permits.

For almost 50 years, Reykjavik councillors have been allowed two free salmon fishing days on Reykjavik’s excellent Ellidaar river. But this year a majority of councillors have agreed to give their permits to deserving members of the community.

People are encouraged to nominate their Reykjavik community heroes for the sought after fishing permits by sending their details to

Meanwhile, Mayor Jon Gnarr’s popular daily Facebook diary has been removed and a notification sent out informing Gnarr his page has been shut down. No more details were given, but an aide says it is likely because he posted a video of Rick Astley earlier this week which fell foul of Facebook rules.

Gnarr’s office has sent an email to Facebook requesting the page be re-opened. The Facebook diary was an important part of the Best Party’s successful election campaign.