Reykjavik City council enjoying honeymoon period

71 percent of Reykjavik residents support the new coalition in City Hall between the Best Party and the Social Democrats.

The 71 percent figure comes from a new poll conducted for Morgunbladid and interestingly reveals that more people support the coalition than voted for it. The Best Party received 34.7 percent of votes and the Social Democrats 19.1 percent, which is 53.8 percent of votes in total. The new council is converting doubters and making the most of its honeymoon period.

Women are more likely to support the city coalition with 74 percent against 68 percent of men. 85.3 percent of all 18-24 year-olds support the coalition.

680 people took part in the poll, 87 percent of whom chose to answer the question of whether or not they support the new Reykjavik coalition.

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