Walk-in art on display in Reykjavik

On Saturday the 3. July Ingunn Fjola Ingthorsdottir (born 1976) opens her solo exhibition in Gallery Agust (Reykjavik) where she presents the installation PAINTING SITE where the viewer can experience the spatial work of art from within. Painting Site was first exhibited at Cuxhavener Kunstverein in Germany in 2008 and is now on view for the first time in Iceland. Painting Site is made of painted chipboards mounted together in an upright position so they make small groups of partition walls that one can walk between and each plate seems to make an individual painting. Ingunn Fjola graduated from the Icelandic Acadamy of the Arts in 2007 but had previously graduated with a B.A. degree in Art History from Arhus University in Denmark. She has exhibited in Iceland and abroad, most recently as part of the duo Hugsteypan in the exhibition Acknowledging knowledge currently on view at the LÁ Art Museum in Hveragerdi. Her most recent private exhibition was in Hafnarfjordur Center of Culture and fine art, where she exhibited her installation Prism, previously this year. Ingunn Fjola works with a variety of media but painting is often a focus point in her work. She has created big spatial installations were the viewer enters the work, travels within it and experiences it from within.

(Baldursgata 12 in downtown Reykjavik)