Drink driving rife in Finland

umferðOne-in-three men in Finland have driven a car while drunk, according to a new survey. As reported by YLE, one-in-five women also owned up to the crime in the study by the Vali-Soumen Sunday newspaper.

Among the biggest offenders was the 25-34 age-group, with 32 percent admitting to driving under the influence. This compares to 27 percent of pensioners and just 16 percent of under-25s.

Regional variations were also revealed by the probe, with 37 percent of respondents in Lapland admitting to the misdemeanour compared to 28 percent in western and southern Finland. Those with the cleanest sheets were found in the Oulu region and the east of the country.

Political affiliations also seemed to have an effect on driver responsibility, with more than twice as many supporters of the True Finns party getting behind the wheel when drunk than the Greens and Left parties’ followers.

The survey was carried out by pollster Taloustutkimus on 1,067 adults. Results have a margin of error of three percentage points, reports Siku News.