Swedish policeman fired for bad taste blogs

suspicion-littleA Swedish police officer has been sacked after publishing a series of lewd online blogs about his job. Staff at the National Police Agency’s disciplinary board dismissed the man with immediate effect. The officer’s name has not been released but it is known that he worked at a station in Skane in southern Sweden.

The policeman, who wrote under the pseudonym Farbror Bla, meaning Uncle Blue, claimed in his blogs that he was revealing the “unembellished truth” of being in the force. In one of his post, he wrote of a “mentally unstable” female colleague who allegedly made sexual advances towards him and his partner.

Another entry saw ‘Uncle Blue’ boasting about how he shook the hand of a corpse after a man had been found hanging, much to the amusement of his workmates. He also claimed he played sexual practical jokes on female colleagues, such as pressing his genitals into their car seats – a practice known as ‘ollat’ in Sweden.

Management approached the officer after learning about his posts in a newspaper. The policeman, who had previously been accused of sexual assault, said the blog was a joke and its contents made up. He was not prosecuted as it was deemed impossible to connect what he had written with any actual events, reports The Local.

The Skane Police Authority (Polismyndigheten), however, called for the man to be dismissed regardless of whether the stories were true or not, saying his actions were offensive, disgusting and had damaged the reputation of the force.

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