Herbal cold remedy from Iceland

SagaMedicaSagaMedica’s online store has launched “SagaVita”, a herbal cold remedy made from Icelandic angelica herb; the same plant Vikings used in herbal medicine a thousand years ago.

There are absolutely, and without a doubt, no accounts of Leif the Lucky ever having suffered from a cold infection.

Leif, like other Vikings, was probably an avid consumer of the angelica herb. And justifiably so, it would seem, as modern research suggests antiviral angelica remedies may be used for preventing colds and other seasonal illnesses.

Angelica is one of very few medicinal herbs originating from the north; it has been used by the Nordics for over a thousand years and Iceland’s first law book even mentions specific fines for angelica theft.

Angelica was well known in herbal medicine during the middle ages and Icelanders used it as currency in foreign trade. Its value lay in the fact that it was thought to be more potent as a remedy than other angelicas growing further south.

SagaMedica’s researchers have studied the biochemistry of Icelandic angelica for almost twenty years. Their findings have led to the development of various herbal supplements made from different parts of the herb, providing different health benefits.

SagaVita is produced from seeds of Icelandic angelica. It’s great for preventing colds and also has an uplifting quality to it – obviously considered rather important during the dark midwinter months in Iceland.

SagaVita has been sold on the Icelandic market since 2001 and has gained a strong following over the years. It is now available worldwide through SagaMedica’s online store and comes in packages that fit through mail slots, allowing easy delivery.