Reykjavik conference and concert hall needs more money

tonlistarhusidHarpa, the brand new conference and conference centre in Reykjavik, is on course for completion by next spring; but the funding needed to actually open to the public is still missing and both the national and city governments do not want to provide it.

Although the building work is now running smoothly, there is still a hole of ISK 580 million (USD 4.4 million) needed to open the doors to the public, RUV reports.

Currently there are 400 people working on the construction site; including a team of 120 from China who are installing the reflective glass panels designed by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson and manufactured in China.

The conference and concert centre is owned by two companies which are owned jointly by the Icelandic state and Reykjavik city.

Despite the hole in daily management funding; those in charge of the project believe it is inconceivable that the building will be completed and then left empty. Especially after the massive struggle to complete the huge project in the face of economic crisis.

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