Seven years to pay back ill-gotten political funding

bjarni-benediktssonMultimillion krona funding from now bankrupt companies FL Group and Old Landsbanki to the Independence Party will be paid back over seven years, it was revealed in the Icelandic parliament yesterday.

The funding was discussed a year ago in the chamber but came up again yesterday in a heated debate about alleged lies, investments and campaign funding concerning several different MPs.

It was the Left Green MP Bjorn Valur Gislason who brought up the corporate funding by FL Group and Landsbanki to the Independence Party in an unprepared question yesterday.

He asked the Independence Party leader Bjarni Benediktsson several questions, including how much of the money has been paid back to the companies’ estates and when the payments are likely to conclude.

Benediktsson responded that the money will finish being paid off in the next seven years and one payment has already been made, reports.

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