Icelandic Children’s Houses to open all over Europe?

reykjavik1A committee of the European Union will recommend that EU member states open up houses for abused children based on the Icelandic model. The head of the Agency for Child Protection said the news is highly satisfying.

Iceland’s Children’s House began operation 12 years ago and is a part of the Agency for Child Protection (ACP). The House specialises in helping children who have been victims of sexual molestation or abuse.

The European committee has been working for two years and is made up of 12 experts, including Bragi Gudbrandsson, the head of the ACP.

The strength of the Children’s House is said to come from the union of services under one roof: the House is run in co-operation with the police, prosecutors, welfare officers, doctors and other agencies.

There are already over 30 Children’s Houses in operation in Europe – all of them in the Nordic countries and all based on the Icelandic idea. There are many such houses in Denmark, and Finland and Greenland are opening their own Children’s Houses this year, reports.

Bragi Gudbrandsson is enjoying the recommendation, saying that his area of work is rarely the source of joy but that it is very satisfying for the Icelandic Children’s House to receive such recognition.

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