Danish strippers fail to reveal their assets

webcam-littleThe Danish tax authority is cracking down on women who strip for cash online or work as sex line operators.

Tax cheats selling sex over the internet and phone are the latest in a long list of Danish authority targets. Workers, however, claim that offshore companies may be behind the lack of fiscal transparency.

The exact number of Danish women who are employed to remove their clothes on the internet or engage in pillow-talk for telephone sex companies is unknown, but at least 40 have been caught by the authority SKAT, which is seeking to reclaim unpaid taxes in the millions.

SKAT investigated 41 women who claimed to have declared all of their earnings. They found that 37 had not made any tax payments. The online sex sites further failed to declare three million kroner (USD 488,647) in owed taxes, with SKAT claiming they were cheated out of an additional 1.5 million kroner (USD 250,000) by the same group.

“It surprised us that there were so few filing tax returns. It’s a small industry but it’s rare that we find problems throughout a complete industry. Out of the 41 we checked, all had cheated,” said SKAT’s Helle Mulvad.

The Copenhagen Post reports that one website, operated by porn star Denice Klarskov, uses 130 freelance women to strip on camera. Klarskov claimed that her company has not been investigated as she uses the PBS electronic payment service, thereby making it impossible to cheat on taxes. Most tax evasion takes place when payments are handled by off-shore companies, according to the exotic actress.

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