Joly and Hauksson get their way

olafur-thor-littleAround 90 people will be working for the office Iceland’s special prosecutor into the banking crisis, Olafur Thor Hauksson, by this autumn. That will be nearly double the current staff.

When the office was set up at the beginning of last year to investigate the banking collapse and potentially bring key architects of the crash to justice, it had just four employees. Hauksson and his internationally respected assistant Eva Joly have since been pushing for more people to help the investigation to be better and faster. There were 13 investigators by last autumn, 20 at New Year’s and 35 today. And it has now been announced that the office is advertising for more investigators to bring their number up to 80 this autumn.

A side-eefect of this growth is that the investigation must now move into a bigger office, according to RUV.

Iceland’s national financial regulator, the FME will also increase its numbers it was announced yesterday. The FME will also be advertising for financial crash investigators to join its investigation into the banking crash – which is being conducted from a business point-of-view and is not directly investigating individuals. There will be around 100 people working for the FME nd controlling the Icelandic financial sector – whereas there were just 65 staff at the time of the banking collapse in autumn 2008.

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