Reykjavik enjoyed sunnier May than usual

reykjavik-littleThe results are in and the data has been crunched, and the Icelandic Met Office has been able to confirm what the man-on-the-street knew already: May was sunnier than average in the Icelandic capital.

Reykjavik basked in 219 hours of sunshine during the month of May this year, which is 27 hours more than the average figure. The country’s second city of Akureyri had 177 hours of sunshine – which is the same as average, give or take a few hours.

The highest temperature in May was a very summery 21.7 degrees Celsius at Skaftafell (now part of south-east Iceland’s Vatnajokull National Park) on the 5th May. That was a record high 5th May temperature (although not a record high May temperature overall).

The coldest temperature in habited areas came on 1st May at Midfjardarnes….a very chilly minus 8.9 degrees Celsius.