‘Iceland Hour’ starts tourism drive with a bang

ingvellirIceland’s intensive campaign to remain at the forefront of cool places to visit, despite a spate of negative headlines, began today with an hour-long internet show and the release of a flashy new video to get toes tapping and faces smiling.

With the Iceland Hour now over, the hard work of the government-backed Inspired By Iceland campaign begins in earnest. Its job? To tell people there has never been a better time to visit Iceland; and Icesave and Eyjafjallajokull have done nothing to change that.

In fact, quite the opposite: now guests can benefit from Iceland’s weakened currency and also grab the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see newborn volcanic earth, still steaming. Iceland really is a living land.

The inspiring campaign video shows Icelandic people and landscapes and some of the wide variety of activities on offer – all set to the upbeat and catchy Jungle Drum by Iceland’s own Emiliana Torrini.

The just-over-two-minute video can be seen here.

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