Icelandic art on display in Le Louvre

thora“The works will be hung up on the pyramid where the main entrance is,” says Icelandic artist Thora Einarsdottir, whose work is to be shown in Le Louvre – the world’s most famous art gallery in Paris. explains that Einarsdottir’s works will not be next to the Mona Lisa or any paintings by Da Vinci – but that they will be among the first pieces the visitor sees upon entering the gallery.

“This is a huge honour,” says Einarsdottir, who is not only a working artist but also runs the Listaselid gallery in central Reykjavik with other artists.

She says the Louvre opportunity came up while she was in Sicily working with the Italian organisation The International Artist Group. She entered to be one of the artists they send to a famous gallery and ended up with the chance to show three of her paintings in Le Louvre along with several other artists.

The artists says she will go to Paris at the beginning of June and will be there at least until the exhibition opens.

Pictures from – more of the artist’s work can be seen on the site.