Denmark one of the best places to work in Europe

employees2A record number of Danish workplaces have been voted onto the list of the best places to be employed in Europe.

According to Kim Moller, the CEO for Great Places to Work Institute Denmark (GPWI), one of the primary reasons for the large presence of 20 Danish companies in the top 100 list is the country’s high levels of social capital.

“This means that as far as welfare is concerned, Danish workplaces are getting through the crisis relatively well and manage relatively better than workplaces in some of the other European countries,” said Moller, who added that only Germany featured more predominantly on the list than Denmark. “Given that the Danish population is only 1.3 percent of the total European population, the fact that a full 20 percent of the places on the European list are Danish is a very good result.”

The annual list is published by GPWI Europe, which has affiliates in 37 countries across the continent. GPWI, which surveys over 1.5 million employees each year, produces the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ list along with Trust Assessments.

In the category of large companies with more than 500 employees, Microsoft was found to be the best employer, with its Danish arm sharing joint-top position. In second place was the Danish ATP pension fund group, and supermarket chain IRMA was placed fifth ahead of seven other national nominees in the list.

Of the smaller companies with less than 500 workers, Middelfart Sparekasse Bank was placed second, while Roche Pharmaceuticals Denmark was fourth. Overall, Denmark held eleven positions in the table of 50 smaller workplaces.

The lists are now in their eighth year and are based on employee questionnaires which cover respect, credibility, pride, fairness and camaraderie.

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