Iceland volcano to provide jobs for unemployed

kyrAn agreement has been reached allowing municipalities affected by the Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption in South Iceland to offer jobs to the unemployed to provide farmers relief and assistance.

Much needs to be done in the coming days and weeks to protect farms, farmers and animals from the most serious effects of the eruption.

The contract was signed yesterday and will allow desperately needed new hands to assist during the busy lambing season while conditions are so difficult for South Iceland farmers.

Dairy farmers are not having a much easier time, reports – and out of work farmers and those with agricultural experience will be sought to help out. The project is expected to provide around 40 jobs.

The National Soil Reclamation Service also hopes to employ 30 people to erect new fences and mend old ones to keep sheep away from danger.

Photo: Anders Peter Amsnæs

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