Pure gold offered for Kaupthing chairman whose arrest warrant stands

kaupþing4Television personality Max Keiser is personally promising a reward for finding former Kaupthing Chairman, Sigurdur Einarsson, who is wanted by Interpol. The Supreme Court of Iceland has rejected Einarsson’s plea to have the arrest warrant nullified.Max Keiser’s reward offering is 28 grammes of pure gold, he said in his Keiser Report programme on the RT international news network based in Russia.

Keiser showed a picture of Einarsson on his programme and asked viewers to report his whereabouts to the nearest police station if they have seen him and also to contact Keiser about the reward.

The Supreme Court of Iceland has rejected Einarsson’s attempt to have the arrest warrant withdrawn, ruling that no legal precedent exists for the withdrawal of such a warrant under current circumstances. British police will, however, not arrest and deport Einarsson until charges are issued against him or until he attempts to leave the country.

The price of gold has been on the up recently and at the end of last year, 28 grammes of gold was worth USD 1215 (ISK 160,000), DV reports.

Max Keiser visited Iceland before the banking crash and made a documentary about the Icelandic banks’ rapid and massive debt build up. He was also interviewed on the popular current affairs chat show, Silfur Egils.

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