Swedish McDonald’s accused of selling expired food

mcdonaldsMcDonald’s restaurants across Sweden have been accused of re-stamping and selling food that is past its best-before date instead of throwing it out.

A report by the Dokument Inifran programme found that the international restaurant chain has been re-dating expired produce and selling it on the next day.

The television show uncovered the practice after monitoring the movement of chicken salads at the fast food chain. The documentary found that some salads were re-sold the following day with a brand new expiry label. Such a move is a clear breach of the McDonald’s promise to sell only fresh food, reports The Local.

“I won’t use bad language, but this makes me really, really cross, because this is completely unacceptable,” said Lotta Bjork, the McDonald’s Sweden personnel director. “When our guests come to us, part of our purpose is to sell warm, tasty food speedily to our guests, and that’s what you should be able to expect as a guest,” she added.

The documentary, which aired across the country last week, also showed that hamburgers are sometimes left to sit on the heating plate for longer than the ten permitted minutes.

The press spokeswoman for McDonalds Sweden, Frida Berg, declined to comment on the television programme’s findings, claiming she has not yet seen the episode.

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