Norwegian protest over Iranian executions

norway-flagThe Norwegian government has condemned the killings of five Kurdish activists in an Iranian prison last week. Evin prison in the capital city, Tehran put the men to death shortly before the auspicious anniversary of the 2009 elections.

“Norway condemns the execution of the five Kurdish activists in Iran last Sunday morning,” said the Norwegian State Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gry Larsen in a statement.

The killings have been deemed a violation of both international and national principles of the rule of law to which Iran has committed itself. The circumstances involved extensive use of torture and long isolation periods followed by summary trials and illegal corporal punishment, reports the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

The executions came after several other Iranian nationals were handed death sentences for their alleged role in the demonstrations which mired last year’s Iranian elections. Norway has denounced the fact that many of these orders were undertaken at mass trials without the appropriate legal assistance for the accused or sufficient evidence. The prisoners were condemned for either being opposed to the ruling regime, enemies of God, or for cooperating with enemies of the country.

“The trial proceedings have been unfair with a lack of proper evidence and only vague references to the exact charges. This increases the unpredictability and fear felt by the people of the country. The executions on Sunday, just before the anniversary of the disputed presidential election, also raise concerns about the situation of other activists in prison,” said Ms Larsen.

Norway has joined with the EU to condemn the executions, with Bjorn T Grydeland, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also voicing his disapproval during a recent meeting with the forthcoming Iranian Ambassador.

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