Eva Joly defends Iceland banking arrests

jolyEva Joly, adviser to Iceland’s Special Prosecutor for the banking crisis, believes the investigation can be completed within four years, if the office is provided with 80 staff members. With a smaller team, the investigation will take longer, she told RUV.

Joly said she is happy with the progress of the investigation so far and answered critics’ questions about the legality of the recent arrests robustly.

Eva Joly said that the arrests and interrogations over recent days came at the correct time. Critics’ claims that the actions were only taken to appease public demands for action do not stand up to scrutiny, she said.

The two sides in the argument have different privileges because those under investigation can talk freely with the media and present their cases, but the Special Prosecutor needs to remain quiet so as not to reveal important evidence that will be needed in court. The public must just continue to show patience and have faith that everything will be made public at the first opportunity, but not before cases go to trial.

She criticised the opinion of Sigurdur Einarsson, the former chairman of Kaupthing, saying that if he really has nothing to hide then he has no need to fear the investigation.

Joly said that the investigations could take as little as four years to complete with 80 staff. 30 people currently work for the Special Prosecutor.

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