Air travel normalising again as volcano changes behaviour

eyjafjall2-little2Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavik’s domestic airport both re-opened yesterday afternoon, and ash cloud forecasts show clear skies for the foreseeable future and no further closures predicted for the time being.

The same is true for affected airports in Scotland, Ireland and southern Europe.

Meanwhile RUV reports a series of earthquakes under and around Eyjafjallajokull which could signal changes to the volcanic eruption.

According to geophysicist Steinunn Jakobsdottir, the quakes could be a sign of a new vent about to open. The volcano already has three vents, but only the one on the northernmost edge is still erupting.

Ash fall in the area has been decreasing and is currently very fine but large rocks have replaced the ash production, apparently caused by the earthquakes. The rocks are being shot high up into the air and crashing down onto the glacier, making holes in the ice. The size and weight of the rocks means that they are a very localised problem and only fall very near to the volcano.

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