Copenhagen buses introduce love seats

arriva-dk-littleThe joys of spring are in the air in Copenhagen, with young lovers being prompted into action by the transport company Arriva.

Starting Monday May 3 and continuing for two weeks, Arriva, which operates the majority of buses in the Danish capital, has introduced new Singles’ Seats, where flirting, smiling, finding a new partner or simply creating a better atmosphere is encouraged, reports Politiken

While public buses are not traditionally thought of as the most romantic form of transport, Arriva’s new initiative will see two Love Seats especially reserved on around 100 buses in Copenhagen. The customised vehicles will run on the 3A, 150S, 350S, 173E and 4A routes around the capital, marking out a path for those wishing to partake in some alternative sightseeing.

“We want to shake up people’s habits and have a bit of flirting and smiling on buses. Perhaps some people will find love there. Others may just decide to try a bus ride with a chance to flirt with a handsome man,” said Marianne Fearch, Arriva’s Business Developer.

Faerch also said that Arriva may have latched onto a new public trend, suggesting that finding a partner has become a more public affair and the concept of love behind closed doors is outdated. But whether public transport will replace more traditional locations for finding that special someone remains to be seen.

Gender and culture specialist Charlotte Krolokke Ph.D, Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, also supported the concept of more open displays of affection. “There has been a move away from the view that love is a private issue and singles are viewed as being on the shelf. Now, they are no longer stigmatised as many people experience being single in a period of their lives, and it has become part of the public culture. There is more openness about it,” Krolokke claimed.