Geothermal power plant course developed in Iceland

power_plant_iceland13Due to the recent technological advances in geothermal power plant development in Iceland and its growing potential as a widespread power source, the Keilir Institute of Technology has introduced a new Geothermal Power Plant Technician Associate Degree to its academic program. It is designed to address the growing need for skilled geothermal power plant technicians as well as health, safety and environmental issues.

The Geothermal Power Plant Technician Program is divided into two modules spread across two years. During the first year, students receive hands-on training in running and maintaining power plants; where as the second year is more focused on academic methods and techniques for planning daily operations, maintenance and purchasing equipment/spare parts.

Most importantly, throughout the program students are trained with a ‘sense of ownership’ towards running, operating and maintaining geothermal power plants. Students will eventually show a great deal of initiative, implement improvements and perform follow-up actions. This will of course be beneficial towards the impact of long-term employment opportunities.

Furthermore in the program, students will learn how to reduce maintenance costs through specialist training, without the need for a manufacturer’s service.

The Geothermal Power Plant Technician Program is offered in cooperation with HS-Orka (Sudurnes Power Company) and will be available from September 2011 at the Keilir Institute of Technology in Keflavik, Iceland.

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