Iceland flights slowly getting back to normal

eyjafjall4-littleDomestic flights from Reykjavik are likely to resume today and Iceland Express has provisionally decided to fly to and from Keflavik – although this can change at short notice.

Icelandair will keep its operations running through Akureyri and Glasgow until at least tomorrow as the volcanic ash cloud – although much smaller now – continues to affect south and west Iceland.

Air Iceland passengers flying within Iceland are requested to follow closely for updates and possible cancellations and international passengers are advised to regularly check their flight status online: and

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has given out the following forecast:

Monday, 26 April: Strong south wind and some rain in the south and west. Ash mist drifts to west and northwest from the eruption, but the precipitation decreasing the ash mist.

Tuesday, 27 April: Easterly wind. Probably ash mist over the south and southwest parts.

Wednesday and Thursday, 28 and 29 April: Northeast wind and ash mist drifts especially in the southwest from the eruption.

Photographer: Anders Peter Amsnæs /

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