Iceland warned of volcano danger to planes “for years”

flugvél6Icelandic air traffic control has often warned of the potential impact to international aviation of a volcanic eruption in Iceland; but despite this, European airlines and controllers continue to say that nothing could have predicted that an Icelandic volcano would have such a massive impact on aviation.

Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper spoke to Icelandic air traffic controller Egill Thordarson who said that volcanic ash training exercises have been taking place in Iceland four times a year for the last decade and British and Norwegian teams have joined in on more than one occasion.

Thordarson told Aftenposten that the exercises have consistently proven the potential danger of volcanic ash to aeroplanes and said he has been sending out regular weather updates to European colleagues concerning volcanic activity in Iceland for the last two years.

The journal of Norwegian pilots, Flygelederen, published a six page article on the dangers of an Icelandic eruption in December last year.

Large photo: Anders Peter Amsnæs /

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