Icelandic volcano continues to ease

eyjafjall3-littleIt was another ‘gentle’ night at the volcano under Eyjafjallajokull in South Iceland, according to nearby emergency services. A small increase in the flow of the Markarfljott river at around 01.00 brought some ice down from the glacier, but the river returned to normal by this morning.

Meteorologists are predicting that ash fall today will mostly stay on the glacier and in the area to the west of it.

Scientists flew over the volcano again yesterday and confirmed that the eruption appeared to have calmed down since the day before. Only one of the three craters is still active and there is no flowing lava.

Ash fall in the coming days is expected to swing to the north and nortwest side of the glacier. It is possible that a small amount of ash will reach Reykjavik on Friday and Saturday; but health officials are not expecting any danger.

In celebration of the official first day of summer, an open house and party is being held for the public at the Heimaland guesthouse and tourist centre – as happens every year. The danger to Heimaland is considered minimal, but Red Cross volunteers are still on hand for the party between 11.00 and 17.00, all are welcome.

Photographer: Anders Peter Amsnæs /

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