Latest flight information and volcanic activity on Icelandair Group website

icelandairgroup_logo86A new website launched by the Icelandair Group provides all the vital information online regarding safety, flights and volcanic activity.

The new website launched by the Icelandair Group, holds necessary information for those stranded in Iceland, and awaiting flights with Icelandair across Europe and the United States, including up-to-date flight schedules to and from Keflavik International Airport.

The site contains concise information on the current volcanic activity and ash distribution, why it’s happening, where it’s happening and safety information concerning ash fall.

Whether looking to fly or waiting to fly, travellers can find information on flight refunds, what to do next, and how current daily life is in Iceland. Viewers can also access videos and live feeds on volcanic activity, as well as interviews with stranded travellers in Reykjavik.

The website also works as a reliable library of source information with links from the Icelandic Tourist Board, Icelandic Met Office, Civil Protection Department and Volcanic Advisory from London.

To view the volcano information website launched by Icelandair Group visit:

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