Blue surfing Swedish rail worker causes repeated train delays

computersA 52-year-old Swedish rail worker, who was reprimanded just two years ago for repeatedly visiting pornographic websites at work, has again escaped dismissal.

The signal operator received a second warning after his penchant for pornography caused numerous train delays in the east of the country, reports The Local.

The Swedish Rail Administration’s disciplinary board handed-down the follow-up warning last month after numerous delays around Gavle Station. The signal operator’s relaxed approach has caused passenger, cargo and even high-speed trains to be delayed.

Two years ago, the administration’s local computer system became infected with a slew of viruses that were tracked back to the man’s seedy surfing habits. Since then, the man has been summoned to his boss’s office on a number of occasions to discuss his various breaches.

The man has also been accused of tardiness, failing to communicate critical information over track developments and even falling asleep while on duty, leaving a frustrated driver stranded outside the station.

The signal operator’s first warning came in 2007 after it was discovered that he had been visiting gambling and pornographic websites on at least 50 occasions at work. He has also been sent to a behavioural therapist to help improve the quality of his work.

The disciplinary board said that tougher action may be taken in future against the man and that further warnings were unlikely.