David Oddsson leaves Iceland ahead of bank crisis report release

david-oddssonDavid Oddsson, Iceland’s former Prime Minister and central bank manager and current joint editor of Morgunbladid newspaper, will be overseas when the Althingi report into the banking crisis is released on Monday.

According to Visir.is, it is not known where he has gone or for how long, but it has apparently been confirmed that he will not be in Iceland when the so-called black report is released.

As Oddsson was in charge of the Central Bank of Iceland when the banking collapse occurred, it is almost certain the report will look closely at him and his work.

As such a key character in this soon-to-break news, Oddsson’s departure from Iceland could be due to a desire not to be in charge at Morgunbladid on days when the news is going to be about him personally.

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