Sweden bans breast implants over risk of explosion

doctorThe Swedish Medical Products Agency has banned the use of three brands of breast implants amid fears that the silicone inserts could explode.

The agency confirmed last week that it had followed in the footsteps of French medical authorities in introducing the ban on implants made by manufacturer Poly Implant Prothese (PIP).

The Local reports that since 2001, an estimated 35,000 to 45,000 women across Europe have received faulty implants. Although there are no precise figures to indicate exactly how many Swedish women have been affected, around 1,000 French women have been offered replacement treatment.

“This is the type of information that we are trying to find out. We hope to be able to release information as soon as possible,” said the agency’s Staffan Stromberg, who added that there was no reason for those who had already received PIP implants to be concerned.

The French government banned the PIP implants following a raft of reports that an erroneous silicone mixture in the product had a tendency to burst. The implants are now being recalled from clinics and surgeries across the country, with penalties for anyone who continues to sell the product.

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