Tourist gets in trouble in South Iceland

isl-volcano-littleAn approximately 20 year-old Frenchman got lost and very wet and cold last night in rural South Iceland.

The young man got extremely cold trying to cross the Markarfljot river and then ended up at Husadalur where he asked for help.

According to Ragnheidur Hauksdottir at Husadalur, the Frenchman came in at around 21.00 last night, soaking wet and faring badly in the extremely cold and windy weather which has left roads in parts of the country impassable.

“It was very cold,” Hauksdottir told – adding that she was extremely surprised by the man’s unexpected arrival. He is said to be travelling around Iceland and wanted to see the active volcano, Fimmvorduhals.

Markarfljot is a glacial river, and therefore very cold.

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