Iceland volcano begins to sputter out

volcano-III-littleThe first signs are appearing that the south Iceland volcanic eruption may be coming to an end.

Photo: Agust Rafnsson

The volcanologist Haraldur Sigurdsson says that a 20-25 percent reduction in activity has been recorded at Fimmvorduhals over the last two days; the majority since midnight last night.

There has also been a large reduction in sesmic activity in the area, with just one earthquake per hour now being recorded; down from one a minute at the peak, reports.

GPS equipment is beginning to suggest that the small new mountain created by the volcano has begun to shrink back – a sure sign of an eruption coming to an end, Sigurdsson says. He says the eruption will certainly last out the week; but if conditions remain as they are now, it will likely be completely finished within a month.

There is, however, no way of knowing for sure that volcanic activity will not suddenly increase again.

Meanwhile, IceNews’s resident photographer Olafur Kr. Olafsson has created an extended photo essay of his trip to the volcano. His inspiring images can be seen by clicking here.

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