Paul Ramses allowed to stay in Iceland after difficult wait

visasA Kenyan father and his family have won their years-long battle to remain together in Iceland.

Two years after Paul Ramses’s story was first covered, he has finally been given clearance to stay in Iceland at the conclusion of a bizarre asylum process which saw him deported to Rome then quickly repatriated to Iceland at the government’s request.

Iceland’s Directorate of Immigration this week granted the family residence permits on the grounds of political asylum and protection from persecution in their homeland. Paul and Rosemary said the decision is a weight off their shoulders and that they are grateful to finally be able to live a normal life in Iceland.

The Ramses family’s battle with immigration authorities was played out in the public spotlight and protests were held in Reykjavik when Paul was deported to Rome in July 2008, leaving his wife Rosemary and their new-born son stranded in Iceland.

The family’s supporters, including a lawyer, were able to secure his return to Iceland, where he would wait to hear his fate for nearly two years. That wait came to an end this week to the family’s delight, reports.

Icelandic law states that foreigners must not be sent home to a country where persecution awaits. It was under this rule that Paul was granted residency.

Paul works full time at a restaurant in Reykjavik and Rosemary works in a hotel. The couple are waiting for their second child, due to be born in five months. “We want to stay here all our lives. We view Iceland as our homeland,” Rosemary Atieno Odhiambo, wife of Paul Ramses, said.

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