Icelandic authorities reject Wikileaks surveillance claims

CCTV1The Icelandic authorities attempted to distance themselves from a growing scandal today, saying they had nothing to do with surveillance of key figures behind the Wikileaks whistle-blowing website.

The Wikileaks editor has accused American and Icelandic authorities of covert photo taking, following him around and of arresting and interrogating one of the website’s Icelandic staff members.

An assistant to the Minister of Justice said the ministry and its staff would like to distance themselves from the Wikileaks editor’s allegations and said that any such action, if it took place, would have been a police matter, reports.

Chief of police in Reykjavik, Fridrik Smari Bjorgvinsson, said the only link he has been able to establish between the allegations and his force was the arrest of a 17 year-old in Kopavogur on Monday for breaking into a business premises.

Bjorgvinsson emphasised that Icelandic police have not been working with the American secret services on the matter, as Wikileaks spokesmen allege.

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