Icesave frozen until after UK elections?

bjarni-benediktssonIt is unlikely anything important will happen in the Icesave issue before British elections take place this spring. That is the opinion of Icelandic Independence Party leader Bjarni Benediktsson following London meetings with three British parliamentary committees. He added that it is still extremely unclear what will come next in the trilateral dispute.

Icelandic delegates of the Althingi foreign affairs committee have been meeting in London this week in London with the British parliament’s foreign affairs and finance committees, as well as the UK-Iceland co-operation committee.

The purpose of the meetings was to broaden understanding of the varying points-of-view on Icesave in both countries and to improve personal tied between the parliaments of the two countries.

Committee head Arni Thor Sigurdsson told RUV that he and his colleagues had experienced lots of goodwill towards Iceland during their visit to London. Meanwhile, Bjarni Benediktsson said he got the impression the parliament in the UK seems to be pulling back from the Icesave issue and said that all three committees the Icelanders met believed that nothing will happen before the General Election due for 6th May.

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