Iceland volcanic eruption seems stable, despite steam clouds

iceGas and steam jets have been emanating from the highest point of Hrunagils near the erupting volcano in southern Iceland since Monday. However, their intensity reduced last night, along with seismic activity in the area.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office speculates that the steam is slowing down because the lava has mostly finished melting the glacier ice. This morning the steam increased again in an area slightly further north.

Activity at the eruption itself has been relatively stable since yesterday morning, RUV reports.

The Fljotshlid/Fljotsdalur road has been hastily repaired in places to allow easier access for people hoping to see the volcano.

Local police warn, however, that the inner Fljotsdalur road and the Tindfjoll, Thorsmork and Hamragardaheidi roads are all closed for safety reasons. See for more details.