Reykjavik nightclub destroyed in fire

reykjavik1Batteriid, a popular live music venue in central Reykjavik, fell victim to a serious fire this morning and will probably have to be demolished.

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Batteriid (The Battery) is located between Hafnarstraeti and Tryggvagata. It has been seriously damaged by fire this morning and sent clouds of smoke over large areas of the centre of the Icelandic capital. High winds only served to spread the smoke further.

Witnesses reported explosions coming from inside the building, which could have been caused by gas tanks. All available fire crews were called to the scene and were able to save neighbouring buildings and have now extinguuished the flames.

Nobody was hurt in the blaze.

Around ten fire fighters are still on site dowsing down and removing the wooden building’s metal facade to ensure the fire is completely out.

Nothing is yet known about the cause of the fire. Neighbouring streets remain closed.

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