Icelandic banking report due after Easter

bookIceland’s long anticipated parliamentary report into the banking collapse will be handed over and made public on Althingi’s first day back after Easter: Monday 12 April.

The report, which was initially scheduled for release last November, is currently being printed. It is around 2,000 pages long and will be released in nine volumes. It is being printed under tight security every weekend at Reykjavik’s Oddi Press; but normal publishing activities continue on weekdays.

The first seven volumes are concerned with the lead-up to the collapse and its underlying causes. The eighth volume contains a working group report which had the task of answering whether explanations for the fall of the Icelandic banks, and related economic shocks, could to some extent be found in the banks’ practices and ethics, according to RUV.

Selected appendices make up the ninth volume of the printed report. A more extensive selection of appendix material will be available in the internet version which will be publicly available on the website The sections of the report translated into English will also be publicly available on The printed report will be for sale in Icelandic book shops.

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