Increased activity at Iceland volcano

mbl.RAX_.little1An increase in activity at the Fimmvorduhals volcano this morning has led to the no-fly zone in southern Iceland being widened.

Volcanic activity near the Eyjafjallajokull glacier increased significantly at around 07.00 this morning, with a series of explosions sending a gas and ash cloud 4km into the air.

Domestic flights in Iceland are still operating, as are international flights from Iceland Express; a mechanics’ strike is delaying other international services.

Hjordis Gudmundsdottir of the civil aviation authority told that as soon as the explosions took place, meteorologists started working on new calculations for where the gas cloud will head, given wind direction and speed. She added that although the no-fly zone has been expanded, there is no need for further concern at the moment.

It is not only commercial air passengers who have been affected by the volcano: over 200 American soldiers that were due to fly to Southeast Asia yesterday, and are part of the US forces in Iraq, were due to refuel in Iceland but instead spent the day stuck in New Jersey. It has not been confirmed whether they have now departed; but Icelandic airspace is now open again.

A coastguard plane flew over the volcano last night and a video can be seen here, courtesy of Stod 2 News.


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