Danish MP challenges Turkey on Kurdish and women’s rights

danish-flag1In a week where Sweden has irked the Turkish government over genocide allegations, a Danish SF parliamentary member has made an address to the country’s political leaders urging them to adopt greater economic reforms.

The Socialist People’s Party’s Ozelm Sara Cekic made her speech in Ankara where she also challenged Turkish political leaders over the issues on women’s rights and Kurdistan. Cekic was the guest speaker at a conference related to International Women’s Rights Day which was held at the primary government party, the AKP’s headquarters. Cekic also met with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister during her visit.

While raising the sensitive issues of Turkey’s Kurdish population and treatment of women, Cekic made her address entirely in Kurdish, an unofficial language in Turkey but spoken by around 18 percent of the population. She also raised the issues of widespread poverty, poor education standards, internal terrorism and high unemployment.

“If we want to solve the terror problem then we should bring education and jobs to the east. When we eliminate the poverty then there will be no reason for people to take up arms and fight from the mountaintops,” Cekic told delegates, before addressing the Kurdish issue.

“The Kurdish area of Turkey continues to suffer from oppression. There aren’t enough jobs or educational facilities and there’s a serious lack of health care personnel there,” said the Danish MP. “Kurdish women who can only speak Kurdish are not allowed to study in their own language – and we’re talking about millions of people,” said Cekic, who was invited by the PM to talk at the conference which brought together western and eastern women to discuss women’s rights

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