Swedish bus driver investigated for ordering gay passenger off

diversitySL, the Stockholm local transport authority, has been asked by the Swedish discrimination ombudsman (DO) to provide adequate compensation to a gay man after he was instructed to leave a bus by a local driver.

The man was on his way to his home near Taby when he boarded the vehicle outside of Danderyd hospital. It was then that the driver was alleged to have confronted the man with the offensive comments, including asking the passenger: “Do you think it is fun that I can see your panties?”

According to The Local the man’s report to the discrimination ombudsman explained that, no, he was not wearing panties, but rather his male drawers could be noticed at the top of his waistline. This explanation was apparently not sufficient for the bus driver who then reclined and stated: “In fact, you best leave the bus as I could get turned on”.

The man, although angered and shocked at the driver’s antics, boarded the bus and took a seat near the back. After five minutes had passed the bus had not moved, leading the man to suspect that he may be being held responsible for the delay. It was then that two security guards climbed aboard and instructed the man to accompany them to the pavement, where he was told that he was lucky the departing driver did not take the matter further.

Sexually harassed, ridiculed and offended, the man took his story to local media and even his mother attempted to liaise with the manager of the Busslink bus station. She was offered a potted plant and movie tickets. DO found that the man was entitled to compensation, the amount of which could be decided under agreement by both parties before a court hearing.

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