Darling: pointless to push Iceland too hard

alistair-darling-littleAlistair Darling, Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, says he is absolutely certain Iceland will pay Britain back for its reimbursement of lost savings in Icesave; the question is just what the conditions will be.

Darling told the BBC’s Politics Show it does not serve British interests to push too hard against a small country.

He was asked when he believes Iceland will pay Britain back and answered that it will take several years. It is not possible to demand immediate repayment from a small country with the population the size of Wolverhampton, he said.

Britain is trying to be reasonable, Darling stated, but that the money is repaid sooner or later is not up for negotiation. He added though that the British side would not benefit from Iceland’s isolation and instead wants the country to be a part of Political Europe.

Both the UK and the Netherlands made it immediately clear following Saturday’s referendum that they want to continue hammering out a workable deal with the Icelandic government – probably starting again this week.

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