Official confirmation of huge Iceland ‘no’ vote in Icesave referendum

iceland-sattelite2With final numbers now released in all voting districts, the resounding ‘no’ vote is official.

Nationwide, 144,231 people voted of the roughly 230,000 registered voters. 2,599 (1.8 percent) of them voted to accept December’s Icesave repayment plan and 134,397 (93.2 percent) voted to reject it. The overall turnout was 62.7 percent of registered voters.

The final outcome of the referendum was delayed by the results which have only just been released from the Northeast Iceland voting district, as bad weather had been preventing voting slips being flown to Akureyri from Grimsey island. With the inclusion of the 32 votes from Grimsey, the Northeastern numbers are as follows: 58.28 percent of the district’s 28,587 voters turned out to cast their ballots. 329 voted yes, 15,667 voted no, 899 ballots were empty and 52 were invalid.

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