Icesave referendum final result delayed

Iceland-Referendum011Around 130,000 votes have been counted in Iceland following yesterday’s referendum; but weather has delayed the confirmation of a final outcome.

121,772 of the 130,000 counted votes rejected December’s law on the repayment of Icesave deposits to the British and Dutch governments – which is 93.3 percent. A total of 2,261 people voted to accept the law which has already been surpassed by subsequent offers. 6,088 ballots were returned empty and 460 were invalidated for varying reasons.

Final results from the Northwest voting district have yet to be released due to bad weather and votes from the tiny island of Grimsey, which straddles the Arctic circle off Iceland’s northern coast, have yet to be counted because planes have been unable to take off and land.

With Grimsey’s 40 voters and final figures from the Northwest (results have been released from the Northwest, but they are not an official final result), the overall result will not change considerably. A total of 227,896 people were eligible to vote at the last parliamentary election, meaning voter turnout was around 57 percent for yesterday’s referendum – measured on confirmed votes so far and assuming the number on the electoral register is still roughly the same.

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