Icelander murdered in Denmark, suspect also Icelandic

copenhagenA 42 year-old Icelandic man was murdered in Copenhagen this weekend. Police have arrested another Icelandic man as their chief suspect.

It seems the men had been in the flat where the murder took place, drinking and taking drugs together, RUV reports. Danish police believe the men got into a fight that ended with one of them stabbing the other to death.

The two Icelanders are believed to have been friends and witnesses report seeing them enter the building together in good spirits before the murder took place. The dead man was found by police and had been stabbed in the neck with a pocket knife.

Copenhagen police chief, Paul Hansen told media that the man they arrested was also the person who first called in the murder.

The arrested man, 47, was already known to police and at the time of arrest he told officers he was under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

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