Icelandic farmers upbeat despite threats

islenskt-grænmetiIcelandic agriculture has seldom, if ever, been held in as high regard by the nation as it is now, according to the head of the Icelandic Farmers’ Union.

Haraldur Benediktsson told yesterday’s agricultural conference that recent public opinion polls on farming and Iceland’s entry into the European Union show great support for farmers.

Benediktsson told the conference that the Farmers’ Union pays close attention to prevailing attitudes in society and was particularly pleased with the results of a recent Gallup poll showing that nearly 96 percent of people in Iceland have a positive impression of Icelandic agriculture and a large majority also want to continue the legally-enforced market leading position of Icelandic agricultural products.

The fact that a majority of Icelanders are also against EU membership is also good for farmers, Benediktsson said.

Despite the profile of Icelandic agriculture being at an all time high, he added that opinion polls do nothing to ease the financial difficulties the average farmer now finds himself in, reports.

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