British and Dutch stall Iceland’s new Icesave plan

londonThe British and Dutch authorities have not agreed to reopen Icesave negotiations despite ‘useful’ meeting.

The newest Icesave meeting between Iceland, the Netherlands and the UK has come to a close with no agreement to meet again in the near future, although Iceland’s Finance Ministry is describing the London meeting as useful despite no immediate agreement to restart contract negotiations.

The British and Dutch demanded that a cross-party consensus be reached in Iceland before they would consider a renegotiation. This condition was met, but the exact details of Iceland’s united negotiation goals have not been made public.

Icelandic Finance Minister Steingrimur J. Sigfusson told RUV that it is still possible that the 6th March referendum on the current unpopular Icesave proposal will be called off – but it is not clear what the alternative will be if the British and Dutch refuse to renegotiate.

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