Fewer Icelanders looking for work overseas

employeesFewer unemployed Icelanders are now looking for work overseas, according to a poll conducted by Capacent for the Confederation of Icelandic Labour.

More people are looking for work at home now than they were in the summer and a lower proportion now say they intend to go into education.

RUV reports that an earlier survey conducted last summer indicated that a quarter of unemployed people were seeking work abroad, whereas that figure has dropped to 19 percent now. Similarly, while 30 percent were then thinking of going back to school, only 24 percent are now.

In the summer, 65 percent of unemployed workers were looking for work at home in Iceland, which has now gone up to 80 percent – this is possible because respondents could give more than one answer to the same question.

Those in employment were also asked what they would do if they became unemployed. Around 60 percent said they would look for work in Iceland, 28 percent would look abroad, 22 percent would go back into education and 12 percent would take a professional course to strengthen their employment prospects.

The survey revealed that 50 percent more men than women are looking, or would look, for work in another country. University educated people are most likely to go abroad and people from outside the Reykjavik capital region are less likely to look overseas than their urban compatriots.

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